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Decided to make the arduous journey to the dark side of the head on Saturday afternoon. I got down there early to practice my casting which has been getting progressively worse of late and sorted it quite quickly, even managed a few pendulums with nobody about and was hitting some decent distances again, set my thumb on fire a couple of times, Caralho!!!

Arriving at low tide I sat it out for a coupe of hours to avoid the inevitable weed that makes it unfishable around low. With all 3 rods ready to go I whacked out some casts, one rod off the end of the stone pier about 100 yards and the other two in alongside the pier. Weed was horrendous and hours went by without any real bites, I amassed 5 pout, one of the crabs had given a seeing to one, as it had no eyes by the time I reeled it in. Pout are so tenacious getting their chops around 3/0 hooks.

I'll be honest, it was a stunning night to be outdoors under a big full moon, sat there in my beach buddy listening to the tide, but I was in fishing despair, nothing decent yet and opportunity was beginning to ebb away from me with the tide.

I had a chat with a couple of guys from Eastleigh who are on the forum, they had a Codling and a Sole not far away from me, it appeared just where I was fishing was dead, not a sign of a stray Wrasse or hungry Conger, let alone a Cod or Bass. I cast off the stone pier around the high, a freak wave came over and soaked my back, felt lucky i'd stayed standing as there was no sign of the pier below me, could have been going for a swim, also I was like Bambi on ice trying to walk up and down on it, a bit treacherous on a spring to say the least.

I decided on a change of tactics, I walked 200 yards down the beach with a rod rigged up for Sole, 3 hook flapper and left it there for 30 minutes. When I went back to check, I must have had 8lb of weed on the line, it took me forever to nurse the sinker in, removing weed as I went and there was such a tangle going on, I opted to pull the last 10 yards in by hand & to my delight a Bass on a size 4 hook, perfectly hooked through its lip, 49cm. Despite my initial elation and the Bass having rescued my night, I felt robbed of the excitement of striking a bite and fighting the Bass on the way in. This rod had only been cast 15 yards with lug worm, it was a lucky catch trying for Sole, but it just shows you this Bass must have been in 2-3ft of water, very close in indeed.

As the tide receded like Dimitar Berbatovs hairline, I decided I'd pack up as I was all out of warm tea and it was getting a bit Pearl Harbour by 3am & crabs were biting through my snoods.

So in conclusion I had thrown tons of squid and lug at the sea, seen more weed than I've ever seen i my life and it was on the whole a baron session, I am not fishing there again unless there is a serious blow up. On the positive side it was nice to take some pics with the camera & relax.

5 Pout
1 Bass @ 3lb (49cm)

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Cheers guys, I think there is a problem with uploading images as I can't seem to make it work today after numerous attempts, i'll try and pop them up tomorrow after work.
I am off out to fish now anyway to get rid of the last of my lug.

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What camera setting do use your pics are amazing!
Thanks Hussein. Most of my shots on here are long exposures, upto 1 minute. Shots are taken around dusk in very low light, the camera picks up a lot more light than the eye, the longer the exposure the more colour you'll see in the sky.

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Cheers Rob, Just need to actually remember to take my flash with me and I can get some nice ones of the fish we are catching rather than using my phone and a headlamp.
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