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went to selsey west beach for some more of what we had already sampled.
arrived fri eve to stare at a very packed beach, one of us managed to fit in about half way up which was great for him as he had a monster hound over 17lb and a few more 7 i think, the rest of us headed for the other end of the beach i was the last angler on the left my mate just to my right had caught 5 hounds to over 13lb
i was still biteless at 1am then my rod went over "thank god" a good slow fight seen me landing my personal best 15lb 8oz starry hound which saved a blank "what a great fish to save a blank with hey"
the first thing on my mind sat morn was moving up the beach so the windmill was sort of behind me as we had alot of time to kill before fishing we were all just sat around chatting a 'guy' (sorry mate didnt catch your name, was busy with the hounds...joke) that we met here on are last visit also turned up and we all sat around and chatted some more when we could hear some screeming and went to the aid of a young girl that had her foot caught around something.
it turned out to be a pully rig with a very large 7or8/0 that had gone in her foot between the toes my friend cut away as much of the line as possible before she was taken off to a paramedic to sort her out (parents with her).
We all need to do more to keep our beaches clean not just for us anglers but for other peaple to enjoy, i wont go on...nuff said!
getting back to the sat eve it just went crazy me and seaweed74 had 8 hounds each biggest low double while rich/toprod had a shed load 11/12 hounds with a few doubles during the hound action a small bass a couple of black bream were also caught along with a stonking fish caught by james/seaweed74 3lb4oz gilthead bream...well done mate.
pictures will have to follow at a later date as theres still half the film left but i will post them asap..
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