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Hi Guys, Phil B and Son

Holiday and short break fisher, spouse considering of course. Last outing Llandudno pier and beach near pool. Both in early November 2013, pier, bait worm and mackerel both frozen.18 small Pollock to 9" and 1 codling to same 4 dabs about 8" across shared between me and Son fished 0800 through high tide at lunch to low water at 1600. Flatfish taken on worm on slack at high tide rest taken on worm up and down tide .mackerel did nothing.
Beach the following day as pier shut due to firework display, dead as a doornail as it were apart from crabs stripping bait

Fireworks were amazing despite howling gale that evening, worth getting blown over for.
Shame could not fish beach after blow.
Next trip to Llandudno Easter thinking of trying Deganwy as well as pier.
After that Aberech chasing flatties and avoiding doggies.

Any one got any tips for Deganwy???

will post outcomes

Phil B and Son

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Make sure you've got peeler crab for Deganwy Phil as nice flatties and Bass around the station and estuary mouth,might meet up sometime as only in Derbyshire,bob.
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