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Holding bottom

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I noticed on our first trip that during certain parts of the tide our leads would be all over the place, no sooner had you cast out and they would be rolling to the left or right. I thought this might just be because of a stronger tide so i upped the weights to 190g which did help but occasionally they would still shift :wacko:
Are you suppose to attack the flow from a certain angle or is there something else that i might be doing wrong?
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if the tide is pulling to the left (for example) I would cast 30 to 40 yrds to my right and let the lead come round in the tide and let it settle then tighten up to it but it might need to be more or less distance depending on how hard the tide pulls (sorry dont know your area) but give this a go
As the above reply.

Also are you using grip leads? as these can help you to hold bottom.
As alwayshopefull said to be honest, right to left cast wide right. few tricks though as I used to have a nightmare holding bottom. start with 5oz and make sure have upto 8oz available if needed. another thing I do now is once I have cast out dont reel in the slack straight away give it about 30-60 seconds for it to settle and SLOWLY wind in and just try getting it tight not guitar string. Also it depends on where you fish if im fishing a beach I don't tend to try and and get my lines super tight as waves break over your line etc so will just rip it out any ways. if im pier fishing then will wind in quite tight. practice makes perfect lol
Thanks all, i will give it a go next time i visit the east coast.
Just as a note 99.9% of my leads are grip leads :thumbs:
What breaking strain line are you using? Thinner line won't get pulled by the tide as much, braid would probably help
I fish a few areas like that and the current is so strong I never hold bottom even with a gripper. All I do now is let the current take it and I still catch fish, my thought was if it's pulling that strong on my lead then it must be pulling the fish that way too lol.
chuck a tiny bit of paper in the water(sod off environmentalists) check the tide flow,guess the gauge, cast up or down,
walk it back to your tripod,just before you get there,flick the switch,reel in until you feel some resistance,experrience will come to know the resistance,lower your rod on the rest, you may have to turn the handle a a couple of times in the rest,.to get your desired affect,.

if your tripod is in the wrong position you will find it difficult,best practise is to have your trpod and rods facing the same way the wind is going(not nessecary for the tide unless no wind) change your methodical approach ,if its to rough weather, then you are in the same amount of hardship as any of us,more so learn your venue,what does a se to ssw to n nnw do ,its your call,:dry:
If your grippers are pulling out, hold them in place with an elastic band!
HOLDING BOTTOM..............

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