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I'm back from a short stay on the Belgian coast with Madame (I didn't hesitate to take some gear with me to enjoy on the last night )
it's not the best time to fish because the heat wave has recently set in, the sea is calm, too calm
it's 10 p.m., I'm equipped and with my feet in the water, night falls quickly
Water Sky Cloud Fluid Coastal and oceanic landforms

I didn't see any daytime marine life during my walk, nor a bird diving to feed ... that's a bad sign

I have 3 hours fishing before low tide and then plan to stay until 5:00 a.m.
I walk against the current on this gently sloping beach of fine sand, in the hope of meeting some fish.
The sector is devoid of well marked spots except that, from time to time, there is a wave breaker: it is especially in these places that I will linger
it is only after a good hour that I have a first contact: 2 fish in less than 2 minutes (and one unhooked) with the slightly weighted zman jerk shadz, a few small twitchs make this lure twirl in a very attractive maner
Water Liquid Fluid Fish Seafood

Fin Jaw Fish Marine biology Tail

I continue my exploration with a slug go in order to do a bit of drifting around these wave breakers when...
Fin Fish Ray-finned fish Marine biology Tail

then it's calm, the tide will soon rise,
I walk to another wave breaker and wait a bit for the current to show up
I changed the lure for a zman turbo fattyz whose I cut the tail paddle to make a big worm/sandeel,
I inserted 2 tungsten nails to gain distance
the lure launches well and undulates slowly on the drop : it looks appetizing
so, a little later, I fight a very combative fish :cool:

Vertebrate Fin Fish Marine biology Ray-finned fish

the current increases, I will use a weighted slug go to fish closer to the bottom and alternate with a fox rage slick shad on which I added a small weighted cheburashka to reach the right depth
Vertebrate Sleeve Finger Eyewear Headgear

it's the slug that will do bend the carbon: violent bite followed by a big rush: I expect a better catch and then, after 5-6 seconds, I realized that something was wrong ...
in fact, the bass is pricked in the cheek :rolleyes:

Vertebrate Fin Water Marine biology Fluid

it's going to be time to go back to the hotel, I record 3 small timid taps on my slug without the possibility of connecting the opponent so, I change my lure and clip a savage gear surf walker , the result does not wait

Fish Fin Ray-finned fish Fishing Electric blue

no big fish in these difficult conditions but 3 bass from 51 to 55 cm which struggled well

I hope to do another session soon in other weather conditions

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thank you SD ;)
yes , didn't have a lot of opportunities to drive to the coast : home work this year
so go to the river when i have 4-5 hours off
I still have a lot of DIY to do and insulate the roof after the holidays (because it's way too hot there right now)

with the increase in prices, I decided to invest in energy saving solutions to reduce my future bills, this will allow me to live "easily" once I retire ( still 2.5 years to work )

as my home work progressed well , i will plane another session soon : I only hope that the heat will be over and some waves present
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