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holidayadvice for portland bill

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Hi guys
I am spending a week 18/25 April in a cottage right on the end of Portland Bill. It's a birthday gift from the missus so I will have to let her tag along so can only take a limited amount of gear.
I thought of taking a light beach rod and a lure rod plus terminal tackle and reels of course. I assume I can buy bait thus avoiding carting my digging gear along.
Any advice re bait suppliers, marks to grab a couple of hours here and there, day or night much appreciated as would the whereabouts of a decent pint and the best chippy

Thanks in advance

Rich (east forum)
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Hi guys

Many many thanks for the replies especially to Capn haddock for referring me to an excellent site from which I've been able to glean loads of info. Goes to show what this forum is really about, fellow anglers helping each other.


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