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Went to a new mark at Holmpton as I was told it had some flat areas on the cliffs to fish from at HT.

Ledges were really easy to find and the fishing was pretty good.

Arrived at 1630 HT was 1930-2000 and fished it down until about 2330.

It was blowing a SW which meant the water was calm perfect for some hounds..

The wind swung round a bit which I thought was going knacker the sesh.

Fortunately went back.
At about HT with my drag wound off and ratchet on, my reel buzzed off.

After a good scrap landed first hound 6 1/2 lb.
In my excitement I did big cast and birdied my reel snapped off and lost the lot..

At about 2200, got into another good fish. Long story short as I had almost landed it my other rod had a massive slack line that I had missed. Gave my brother the first rod and got hold of the second. Started reeling like crazy when I contacted with the fish it was like a train. Then gone! Snapped off! Gone at the leader knot, maybe it was naff or caught on a rock.

Looked down the beach and my brothers rods were on the floor. Absolute carnage!

Landed the second hound at 7 1/2 lb which is a Pb for me.

1st on fresh black tipped with squid
2nd on rag with the only bit of crab I had
Mystery fish on full squid.

Still waiting for that double..

Best session I’ve had for ages!


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Thanks for the report. Glad you managed to get into a few. Shows they aren’t favouring particular baits at present.
Keep the posts coming

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