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The fishing festival that is my week off continues.

Arrived at HHB around 17:45, and set off on the inside of the wall with my plugging rod and scratching rig to ensure I didn't repeat the blank of yesterday.

After 5 mins, had a bite that resulted in a small Ballan Wrasse on ragworm, very early for them

Moved to the outside wall and set up my 2 beachcasters, 1 with a pulley rig and 1 with a 1-up and 1-down fishing there from 1800-1900, however 6 snags and losses with only one bite to show for it had me moving back to the inside before I got accussed of being responsible for lead pollution :g:

A quick burst of activity at around 19:45-20:00 saw me land 3 Whiting ( 2 on Sandeel, 1 on Ragworm),a small pollack ( Ragworm ) and a dog ( sandeel ) . Didn't have another touch for the rest of the session, left at 2100

So nothing big, but another 2 species crossed off

tight lines
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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