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Arrived just before low (5:30 pm ish) and set up in the same spot i fished with gladys and Joker the other week, cast out my 2 big rods and left them while I had a play with a float, had a few bites on the float that I didnt hook up with but persevered.
After about 2 hours one of the big rods started to twitch and in came a dab no more than 4 inches long, recast and carried on playing with the float and managed a small (again around the 5 inches mark) pollock on the float rod.

Joe arrived about 9 ish and set up next to me, after another 2 - 3 hours one of the big rods twitched and I reeled in my 1st eel (ive been sea fishing about 4 years now and not sure if I have done well avoiding them, or badly by not catching one).

Anyway way, he made a total mess of the rig, lassooed himslf good style, Joker helped me to free it (thanks) and we both got covered in slime !

Baits where, frozen mack, frozen squid and a couple of packs of rag from Gareths (big fat ones, and one of them managed to nip Jokers finger).

No picture this time, as I decided to show them to the Mrs before I loaded them on the PC and somehow managed to delete them. Left about 1:30am for the 2 hour journey home.
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