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hey guys yep youve guessed it ive been out i got fed up of looking at 4 walls so i packed up me kit and desided i was going to do a double trip to the break water (yesterday and today) phoned winnine's worms (on Thomas street in holyhead ) for some bait then wait and sprung the old man from the nut house, picked up the bait from winnie and off to the break water
armed with every bait under the sun
a frozen whiting from a previouse experdition
and some razor

*pic to go here*


unfortunatly i didnt have my camra this time

Whiting and dab for me and the old man had whiteing wrasse and some ones plastic bag

final tally 10+ whiteing
1 dab
1 wrasse
and a carryer bag

got there about 5:30/6 pm 14/04/07

i rigged up with a 1 hook flapper
4oz lead armed with rag

and away

stright in a pin whiteing

then another then another

so then i desided to try my luck so off with the 1 hook and on with the 2 hook why not double or nothing

bait one with mussle

and tother one with rag

after a short wait .......... dong dong ....... dong dddddong im in again
reel in and what have i got another whiteing (on mussle) then i rememberd i changed rigs so wind in more and hey-presto a verry small dab on the rag

mean while looking over at me dad he is fafing about with a french boom and a velvet crab "Full of eggs" so theres another one for the list thinks path finding it highly amuseing to watch my old man being atacked by this crab

so de hooked and set free my dab and pain in the arse wooops i mean tiny whiteing

re-baited same again same again

one on mussle and one on rag
all out again dong...dong... reel in almost instantly on the bottom hook a second dab

this pics a bit blurry

by now things were getting cold and dark and my old man was seriously starting to get on my nerves moaning about not cathcing anything worth catching :nonono: so haveing no tourches or headlamps we desided to call it quits and head home


so its back on with the 1 hook flapper and dad with his boom
both loaded with as much rag as we could get on the hooks and away

sad to say but on this cast dad did not have so much as a whiteing he blanked this cast HOWEVER for SALLY HERES THAT DOGGIE YOU WERE AFTER my last cast and im glad i did

so the end tally

15+whiting between us
2 dab
1 crab
1 dogfish

so all is well the old man is back in his cage and im here telling you all of our efforts

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change of plan shaggy old man didnt fancie walking anyware so we cose the breakwater part 2

how ever there will be a time when he in his cage and i shale venture forth with out the winge bag rhos colin rhos niger and maybe carmel

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I cant wait for that baby! Me dad cant wait to go on the yacht and gp Bass fishing and he'll probably have a throw away BBQ ready to cook the fish!

I love you! xxxxxx
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