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I only usually put these reports in the N. Wales section but its probably to also post them in here. So I will do from now on.

Three mates from Manchester, who like a bit of boat fishing now and again had asked me to book them on a trip for a days fun fishing. The timing was a little early for the main influx of summer species, Mackerel, etc but I felt a very good chance of connecting with fish to put a bend in the rod, would be a trip out of Holyhead with a good mate, Gethyn Owen on his charter boat 'My Way', sure enough we were as usual not dissapointed.

The weather or rather sea conditions have been great recently, so it looked like we would have a good trip. Sure enough we arrived to find a flat calm sea, with a light breeze, not enough though to clear a large bank of sea mist, although I was happy about that, having a large nose that is susceptible to a bit of sunburn.

Gethyn welcomed everyone aboard with the first of many brews and explained the plan of action. Fortunately and despite the tides getting bigger, there would be a short window to fish the edge of Holyhead deeps for a few Spurdog, so without further ado we set out into the mist

On arrival at the mark, we still had a bit of tide so everyone set up in anticipation with pound and a half leads and single hook rigs, baited with reasonable sized mackerel or squid baits. It wasn't long before the doggies started coming aboard but as the tide eased the first of the Spurdog arrived onsite

Spurdog despite being much more uncommon these days, are not that difficult to catch, once the pack arrives, even I caught

A steady stream, came over the gunwales, with the skipper being kept busy with the net

The window of fishing opportunity was beginning to close, with big leads not holding the bottom well as the tide turned and began to pull, everybody was already happy with their catches, so it was time fore a move for some nice Huss.

At the next mark sure enough there were plenty of dogs and Huss straight from the off and after a short while I decided to try a new match rod out and also some Gulp, bloody (thats the variety !) Ragworm, in sections. I think I used it for about half an hour, static on the bottom and didn't have a touch but just lifting it off the bottom I managed to connect with a couple of nice Coalies, whether they were attracted by the colour or the scent, I'm not sure ! but more likely the movement.

Still the dogs and Huss were coming in with some very nice Huss, that although not weighed must have been between 13 - 14lb.

Although despite his best efforts, charter regular and boats official Joker, Pete was pulling his hair out with dog after dog and when he did connect with Huss

They were ........................ a bit small !!!!

Anyway it was time for lunch, which was the famous sausage butties and also some very fine Hamburgers, yum yum, cheers skip

After luncheon, Gethyn even managed to have a few minutes, trying his own, long rod skills out and it wasn't long before he brought in a couple of nice pollack, this time caught just off bottom with real live wiggly ragworm.

Despite us still catching, the tide was beginning to pull a bit at this mark so we moved to our last mark a bit further inshore. Sport again was very similar with Huss, Dogs on the big baits and some Whiting, Codling, poor cod for us tiddler snatchers also a nice female Cuckoo wrasse showing an appearance

At the 'all out' we had all had a great day and as we head back to shore, even the mist lifted enough to see the south stack lighthouse, despite us having heard the foghorn most of the day, funny tho as the mist lifted the light started .... Weird !

One last point, I think we all and especially the likes of me, who should know better, Owe Gethyn an apology for not scrubbing down the boat on the way back in, next time I fear, I may be handed the scrubbing brush ........... on the way out ! Sorry Gethyn !!!! My pathetic excuse is that I spent the sail home rooting through your 'rig box' ..... Ooops !

Another good report. I am really enjoying seeing all the reports on here recently. Especially as I cant seem to catch bu**er all myself at the moment!
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