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Pembrokeshire! Best fishing marks in the country, biggest fish, unspoilt, peaceful blah, blah, blah. Right now I hate it. Just can't catch fish. Had one or two sympathy votes from pollack/pout but generally everything has been so shy. Cracking bites resulting in no fish on some sessions. Other times - no bites. Only one mark I really fancy for a good session (Conger Rock) and the bloody wind changes and makes it a horrible exposed place to be. Beginning to run out of excuses (and I've got some doozies).
To my mates who occasionally look at the site - it's not the time of year! The fish are simply a bunch of ungrateful b*****ds! We care for them, feed them and look how they treat us! F*** em horrible little slimey s***s. C***, b****r, w***, t****rs! Grrrrrr.

Anyway, probably off out tonight for a go at Conger Rock for dabs/whatever else comes along. Failing that might make the effort to go down Neyland docks for the "codling" - a fish which has achieved mythical proportions in my mind. ("Should've been here yesterday", "my brother had three the other night", "someone had six off Ward's Pier last weekend" etc. You get the picture).

God I love fishing.

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