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How do you use spoons?

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I bought a second hand rig wallet with some rigs in it and there was 2 with spoons on them. What exactly do you do with spoons? are you supposed to do jigging with them or just keep them still?

Please help!
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you can fish a spoon from the shore or in harbours for flounders
put a swivel on spoon then tie a hook length around 1ft long
put a size 1-1/0 fine wire hook on
bait with ragworm.
fish it bouncing along the botton quite slowly.
you want the spoon too bounce along kicking up clouds of muck etc

the spoon is best if its metal,
if they're plastic spoons.tie it too a running ledger rig. only want about a 1 ounce bomb.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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