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how do

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How do you tell the differnce between all the different flat fish types that we can here up north!!!

sorry for all the questions this morn im a bit rusty!!

cheers stu
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hers a simple way but because different sea beds will mean differing coulour patterns we,ll keep it simple.

dabs............. easy, light brown. rub your hand along its back towards the tail and its smooth. rub from tail to head and its rough. slightly longer in shape than other species. on the underside they can look almost sea through. feint orand spots.

flounder ....... depending on the venue. light brown to nearly black. there may be small orange spots visible. [ all flats have them to some degree but most are feint]
on the underside they are pure white.

plaice ........ these are usually light brown with distinct orange spots usually edged darker around the spots. if the spots are feint and not edged it is probably a flounder. the pliace and flounder are smooth in both directions. on the underside its a little more see through than a flounder.

turbut ........ not like the others as its almost round like a plate.

you may come accross the odd fish that has colour patches on its underside of any species.
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thanks very much too the both of you.

cheers stu
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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