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How many rods do we all have, I have far to many but cant resist the temptation of trying something new. So I am thinking of taking the ones marked x to a bootie to make some space. I've got loads of reels as well. Have we all got to many rods or is it just a few of us??

2 x Greys Pz's 13ft match x 1of
Century tip tornado lite 13ft
Conoflex Nemesis plus
Penn extreme villain 13ft x
Penn progression surf 13ft x
Abu equalizer 12ft x
Daiwa moonraker 12ft
Sunridge spiral kelver 12ft
RT Firewave bass rod
Shakespeare 10ft spinner x
Powerstick 10ft spinner x
New carp rod x
Fly rod 10ft x
Penn senator 50lb boat rod x
un-named boat rod x
Telescopic beachcaster
Daiwa uptider x

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Definitely the Moonraker!:yucky: the 50lb class Penn boat rod can go down the pool hall, & the telescopic beachcaster can be put into the suitcase ready for when you go to Spain.:yeah; There we go, thats got rid of three of them already!
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