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How often do you fish on average ?

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  • About once a fortnight

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<font color='#0000FF'>Hi manx, unfortunatley due to the commitments of the last few years my fishing time has been very limited, but when I do manage to get the chance nobody sees me for days on end. I get withdrawl symptoms from the sea as Ive spent most of my life next to the sea, but as I mentioned earlier commitments have really hampered efforts for the last few years.</font>

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<font color='#000F22'>Hi Manx,
Completely hit and miss at the moment due to extenuating personal circumstances&#33; &nbsp;i.e. &nbsp;One daughter of two and a half and one of 2 months plus a house extension very NEARLY finished. I&#39;d be out there a couple of times a week otherwise...happy days, at least the extension is nearly finished and I&#39;ve got two days out this month already.

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<font color='#000000'>Nice results to show that the vast majority of you fish at least once a week

Shame only 28 of you voted out of a possible 600 odd that are registered to use this forum&#33; This is an interesting poll and I would encourage you all to take part, it only takes a second.</font>

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<font color='#0000FF'>12 hour shifts really cramp your style, but we get a week off each &#39;cycle&#39; so I try and have a boat trip then. &nbsp;Cheers, Tony.

<font color='#0000FF'>Feel a bit of an amature lobbing things into the sea next to an obvious expert. &nbsp;But I do keep my eye open and try and learn&#33;</font>

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<font color='#810541'>Well put Jury

That&#39;s one of the things I was curious to see from other peoples responses: to see how much we all feel that we need to go fishing. &nbsp;It can be a frustrating past time at times, but even after a couple of bad trips we still feel the need to get out there again, proving for sure that fishing isn&#39;t just about catching fish. &nbsp;Its deeper than that.

The number of people who go fishing weekly (or more often) shows how much we all appear to enjoy it. &nbsp;I guess for those of us lucky enough to fish, it is a way of life.

Tight lines all</font>

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Yes Manx : perhaps I can some it up a little from my own point of view.

Perfection 3.5 miles of beach , Night time . Just off the back of the spring tides

Two ugly sticks out with my favorite mag lite sports on ,a brisk wind but not too cold .

Had a tough week flying here there and everywhere

Meetings , Being polite to every man and his dog to strum up business

Alone me and the sea , deep in though not business just chilling .

And bang the rod tip bends , "hold" not yet wait. Rod in hand and bang down it goes again ,excitement behond comprehension .is a doggie wait its not pulling like one ,its going light then heavy its in the surf its shining ohh my god its a beauty.

Its landed ,I&#39;m standing there looking at my prize Beautiful just beautiful a Bass

I take it nearer my coleman "glouting" proud of myself . For selecting the right bait ,right tackle , the right night , the right tide , and it has nothing to do about luck , I tell myself because i&#39;ve been fishing this beach for twenty years.
again I repeat perfection.

You have to be a fisherman thats been out in all weathers, cold freezing cold .numb to the bones and blank , but worth it ,worth every moment because thats what we do .
Its our sport and I love it .

Cheers Jury

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any chance i get after work or weekend i find my eyes looking towards the shed and mind "drifting" :D to the shore.
My wife is a star and can tell when i am looking to escape for a few hours
I try to involve my kids at weekends and go to more accesible/ safer marks
I have yet to do a boat trip and tend only to fish a few hours instead of whole days kids get bored if nothing hapening for too long.
My golf fees are in danger for next year as I have only been out for 4-5 rounds this year &#33;&#33;&#33; due to being "hooked" on sea fishing :p .

Andrew (tack4)
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