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How often do you fish on average ?

  • Less than once a month

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  • About once a fortnight

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  • About once a week

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  • More than once a week

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<font color='#810541'>Well put Jury

That&#39;s one of the things I was curious to see from other peoples responses: to see how much we all feel that we need to go fishing. &nbsp;It can be a frustrating past time at times, but even after a couple of bad trips we still feel the need to get out there again, proving for sure that fishing isn&#39;t just about catching fish. &nbsp;Its deeper than that.

The number of people who go fishing weekly (or more often) shows how much we all appear to enjoy it. &nbsp;I guess for those of us lucky enough to fish, it is a way of life.

Tight lines all</font>
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