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How often do you fish on average ?

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Yes Manx : perhaps I can some it up a little from my own point of view.

Perfection 3.5 miles of beach , Night time . Just off the back of the spring tides

Two ugly sticks out with my favorite mag lite sports on ,a brisk wind but not too cold .

Had a tough week flying here there and everywhere

Meetings , Being polite to every man and his dog to strum up business

Alone me and the sea , deep in though not business just chilling .

And bang the rod tip bends , "hold" not yet wait. Rod in hand and bang down it goes again ,excitement behond comprehension .is a doggie wait its not pulling like one ,its going light then heavy its in the surf its shining ohh my god its a beauty.

Its landed ,I'm standing there looking at my prize Beautiful just beautiful a Bass

I take it nearer my coleman "glouting" proud of myself . For selecting the right bait ,right tackle , the right night , the right tide , and it has nothing to do about luck , I tell myself because i've been fishing this beach for twenty years.
again I repeat perfection.

You have to be a fisherman thats been out in all weathers, cold freezing cold .numb to the bones and blank , but worth it ,worth every moment because thats what we do .
Its our sport and I love it .

Cheers Jury
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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