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How often do you fish on average ?

  • Less than once a month

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  • About once a fortnight

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  • About once a week

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  • More than once a week

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any chance i get after work or weekend i find my eyes looking towards the shed and mind "drifting" :D to the shore.
My wife is a star and can tell when i am looking to escape for a few hours
I try to involve my kids at weekends and go to more accesible/ safer marks
I have yet to do a boat trip and tend only to fish a few hours instead of whole days kids get bored if nothing hapening for too long.
My golf fees are in danger for next year as I have only been out for 4-5 rounds this year !!! due to being "hooked" on sea fishing :p .

Andrew (tack4)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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