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how's swansea? fancy going west!

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wondering how swansea is fishing at the moment? i fancy bracelet bay next friday night as it is alway quiet there!

not had the best of luck lately, managed to blank at the deeps friday.

should i go west or stay in the cardiff/bridgend area?
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Not even many cod being caught off the boats in Swansea, & the shore is poor at present. Fishing the lighthouse island might produce, if you fish directly opposite the lighthouse itself, fishing INTO Swansea Bay (you will be casting at Port Talbot) at low water you can cast into the "Blin Hole". The only problem there is that to get the best results you have to stay on the island until the tide goes back (a 6hr cut-off) but using a big bait it could produce. The pier & Knab are only producing small stuff & dogs, if you want a cod or a late bass the lighthouse is your option, but watch that tide!
cheers skip. may give it a miss this week and stay local. i may try bristol channel and steal a few english cod!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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