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Right as previously mentioned I picked up a lil 11ft RIB for fishing Hurst arm etc...

Starting to get used to the boats capabilities, mainly staying in the arm, but when the tide flattens out venturing in to the race drifting between the castle to yarmouth/lym.

As i've never really fished this stretch (the race) before mostly beach and close inshore from the boat could anyone give me any advise, PM if your happy to be specific, rigs, location: edge, middle, island side, etc... baits and techneque?

Sunday late aft we drifted in about 10-17m (according to the worlds worst fish finder) bewteen the castle and yarmouth, pretty much inline with the castle, but nothing showing, no shoals, and no bites.

Am i just in the wrong place or was it just bad timing/tide/time etc...

As usual any help appreciated!

Also any advise on fishing inside the arm (hurst shore) always appreciated as i'm still getting to know it a little...
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