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Hurst spit holiday week

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spent a week down on the south coast and took the rods along to make sure i got a few sessions in. Before travelling i managed to get some advice off the forum (thanks Mangerover) and on the back of that headed for Hurst Spit which was about 5 minutes from where we were staying.

Got there on the first night and was amazed to see how many were fishing there , on talking to people it seemed to be a few locals and a huge amount of holiday makers for what was to all intents the last weekend of the summer.

Anyway on the first night i caught Mackeral, Pollack and Scad and was fairly pleased with that. I was motivated even further by the local guy next to me who pulled in a couple of nice bream around the pound mark.

Later on in the week i decided to make the pilgrimage right to the end of the spit and fish behind the back of the castle ... i tried just up at the end first but the current at that point of the tide made it un-fishable i was made up when i came around the corner to where the deep hole is to find it as calm as a mill pond and with no current.

fished there for a couple of hours which was fantastic in the evening sun with no one else around. Had a couple of bream, the best of which was this one. Really pleased with this so headed of on the long march home to cook my catch for tea.
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