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Hi folks,
The weather on Friday was fantastic, so with an afternoon gate and a small tide we decided to go out deep to a rocky gully I've been exploring. Bluebird was out too and we started off sat beside them off Blue Anchor waiting for the tide to ease. They were finding the odd fish and elected to stay put but we'd landed over a mud hole. It was so soft it was swallowing the leads and with two dogs and a tope pup to show for 30 minutes hard fishing we were soon heading offshore.
In the very bottom of the gully we had 32metres and still a good tide push but 12oz leads would hold. Apart from a pin whiting and a doggie, it was all about the huss. I had a 7.5lb and an 11.5lb while Alan had another 7-8lb fish spit the bait out as it surfaced. Pete found something rather different. It came up very slow and heavy to about mid-water, very like a ray, but then went completely nuts and smashed him. Maybe a big, late season hound that took a while to wake up, who knows?
As the tide picked up we headed back towards Watchet and sat off the harbour using up bait and catching doggies. We were slowly downing rods as Bluebird came by inbound then, oddly, went on the drift. Rob called to say he'd lost drive and wanted a tow home, so the guys got the gear in at double speed and we went across. As it turned out, he'd hit something and sheared the thrust washer so he could still make a few knots headway before the prop would slip. There was plenty of time before the gate closed so we just shadowed him in rather than risk a tow. Cracking day for October, calm, warm and occasionally even sunny. I even managed to get Ratty onto her berth in one attempt.


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