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Huttoft cae

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hello all went pumping all was well bit chilly got 30 worms fairly quickly,good job tide was coming in got tides wrong
but mission accomplished next thing watch my beloved leicester city beat burnley 0_2 so theomens looking good
where to go fav is bohemia,but decided car terrace got there about14.30 alot of anglers spread all along ,now ilike to fish on either end
of the line just my fad ,anyway went south end ,nice lumpy sea and it did look coddy bait just plain yellows an blacks
two hook short pennels 3/0s first cast75yrdsor there abouts 2nd rod30yrds just over the the gutter actually hoping for a early bass
but within mins nod,nod slack line nice plump codling 3-4 pounds but you hope its going to be one of those golden days ,but no 2 dabs
and that was it but ive broke my duck for cods for the year enjoy my fishing even when i blank but its damm good when the fish play
before you all head to the terrace it was only one must be more but they do swim up an down coast so could show anywhere
an the campers are back good or bad? your thoughts

cheers all:victory:
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Must have missed that one, I was in the group of anglers fishing and saw no catches all day. We were fishing a match and some good anglers there but no one had even a knock. Got so bored I packed up early at 6pm and went home.
I was fishing in the RAF Central League, only 5 of us in that one, more fishing quite a way to our left, looked like another club from the numbers. Rest looked like small groups, some from campers, must admit if I had a camper it would have been there yesterday, that wind was surprisingly cold and didn't let up all day.

Tried various baits, fresh lug and rag, squid, mackerel, blacks and muscle, with combinations of all. Pennel rig cast out on one rod and a two hook Wessex fished closer in. Strong under tow which I would imagine wiped out the chances of any flatties, as already said baits came in untouched but thankfully very little weed. Fished Huttoft a few times now but never really liked it there.

After you packed up and kindly dished your bait out we decided to end the match an hour early as we still hadn't seen a fish cone out. Craig packed up about 30 mins later and in the last 15mins I pulled out a 46cm codling!

Mal, Ian told me yesterday through gritted teeth as he needed it! Glad it wasn't a total disaster for everyone, by the time you got it in I would have been on the Brandy & Coke!!!!!!!!

Chaz and SPAC were the ones fishing Moggs Eye and they had 7 codling in total, I had a copy of their match report on Sunday morning:wallbash:
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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