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After reading of Plaice being caught at Hythe and 30 lugworm in the fridge I thought I would give it a go for a few hours.I fished two up and two down at Princes Parade by the bus shelter I cut some thin strips of squid to tip of the worms with and started on a clipped wishbone rig with size 2 hooks on one rod and a two hook flapper on a second rod also with size 2 hooks.First chuck resulted in a small dab then nothing for half an hour as the tide crept up the beach I started getting knocks on both rods with double shots of small dabs every chuck then after about an hour and a quarter it happened my first ever plaice not a monster at 28cm but I was well chuffed that came on the flapper rig I swapped the wishbone rig for a three hook clipped rig after getting fed up with dabs and ting tangling it up first chuck with it resulted in my second ever Plaice a bit bigger at 33cm. Try as I might it could not get another Plaice but plenty of small dabs and ting and one small doggie interestingly both Plaice came on the top hook of my rigs sea was flat calm but the tide was really strong I also used a twizzle stick for the first time brilliant for unhooking dabs very enjoyable day.
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