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The web cam sticky is a bit disjointed with some dead links and I thought some of the sussex anglers may find these useful to bookmark.
Pevensey :60 sec refresh, but has valuable info re wind speeds and rainfall
Seaford : This is just a weather station, but gives wind and rain stats. Useful.
Newhaven : real time and good for assessing wave action along the coasy
Brighton : Basic 60 second refresh, but shows wave action against Palace Pier
Shoreham : 60 sec refresh, but like Peveansey gives valuable info on wind and rain
Worthing : live action, plus you can move it around.
Worthing : Live action Think this is towards Grand Avenue and George V Avenue. Its also got a link to weather data.
Bognor Regis : Live action with sound. waves crashing and seagulls seeing! Treat the missus to a day out at the beach!!!
Chisel : If you must. This one refreshes every second

Being landlocked I find it difficult to guage the conditions. It may be quite calm where I am, but a look at a couple of these really helps. I am sure there ar a million more, but these are current and working.
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