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Some time ago, at the GT meet down at Deal, Loose Goose upped my bid on a day's fly fishing with Geordie Si to a stupid amount of money with out me knowing and I duly won the auction..........

So, I was going fly fishing.........

Eventully.......It was postponed twice due to the wind blowing a bit.....

So early Thursday morning I set off towards Bewl Water out in the woop woops near Tonbridge some where I think and knowing that these fly fishing type places have strict rules and dress codes etc I was in some clean jeans and a new shirt. Following the sat nav i went the quickest route and arrived promply 20min late stuck behind a horse box for the duration of the country lanes....

Anyway, enough wittering on, I was duly met by the big England International, ranked number 3 in the WFFF (World Fly Fishing Federation) apparantly, Geordie Si.

Standing at the side of the lake he made the quick fluff chucking lesson look very simple, and when the rod was placed in my hands it made me look very simple.... sigh...... "Thats enough with the practice, lets play with some live ammo" Si suggests and we clamber aboard our boat and get far enough off shore when Simon leans forward from the outboard and says........

"It's now time to tell you that it's been fishing s**t for the last couple of weeks, the trout arnt feeding and were going to be up against it to get a take today......":sad:

Sigh....... . . . . . . . . . .

Still, while chugging out Simon lifted my spirits by handing me a big plastic box with "boobies" written on it.. :):) Thinking that the he had bought some specilist reading out for the trip I was a little suprised to find about 800 of these little critters inside in varing shapes and colours...

Then another box of Buzzers, Nymphs, Bloodworms, Bead heads, Cats Whiskers, Blobs, Caddis's, Gnats, Midge's.... . . followed by another and another and another untill I'd seen so many I became fly blind.

Simon found me a fancy pair of boobies and tied them to a length of fluro carbon on the end of the fly line and pointed me at the water.

First stop was at the towers,

The overflow and pumping station control I suppose, fishing over about 60 feet of water, we were informed by an old boy, Mick, that the fish were hard on the bottom...... Hmmmmm.... this was going to be interesting

Simon set us up for a few drifts past and through the towers using a sinking line that sank at somthing like 8 inches a second.... that ment us casting out as far as poss, letting line out and waiting about one and a half minutes for the fly to get down there !

A couple of drifts and Si was in, fantastic, fish on allready, and this was going to be a "hard" day....

First three fish came to Simon who seemed to be picking them up from about 25 feet down. Not really fly fishing, more like feathering for makkies, but, hey, you got to get to where the fish are..

I miss my first bite, as it took me by suprise, but a drift or two later id landed my first Rainbow Trout on the fly. Hurrah !! Very happy indeed :fishing::fishing::fishing:

We anchored up for a bit during the day and also left the main bowl and headed up Hook Straight to to a very picturesque inlet called Browns Inlet, for some "proper" fly fishing. Sadly no fishies.

We also tussled with plenty of Pirch about 1lb in weight as well that were grabbing the flys three at a time.

Headed back to the Swan for a couple of swift halves and a chat about the days events with 3 other england internationals and after my first sip of cold beer I began to tell them exactly how to fly fish.... Sigh..... :black_eye

All in all a brilliant day afloat doing a completely new type of fishing, with the Trout leaping out of the water all around us for most of the day.... (somthing about the water being to warm and them not happy ?)

I was happy as a piggy in poo to catch one, even compared to Simons 5 !

Many thanks Simon for a great day mate, Thanks for all your fishies, :fish: Thanks making me feel very welcome, finding the fish when many others couldn't and cheers for making me feel good about my casting, though inside I could hear you sighing ! :cc_surren

Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah :clap::clap::clap:


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Very well done on an exceedingly tough days fishing and a big hand for a very generous bid at the GT meet.

Curious did very well and was casting competently and fishing effectively within an hour which is exceptional! The fishing was difficult due to high water temperatures so we had to resort to fishing with fast sinking lines with boobies and buzzers, letting them sink to about 45 feet below the surface and then retrieving them very slowly. Not quite the visual and exciting top of the water action I'd hoped for, but about the only way we were going to catch fish.

Well done Curious, star pupil!

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nice one guys especially you curious there are a lot of people who fish for ages before they can cast let alone catch a fish but there again it was a master class you had!!!!!!

im looking forward to losing my boat fly fishing virginity but think ile wait until it cools down a bit but cant leave it too long otherwise the cod will be here:clap:

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I kinda went fly fishing yesterday n managed to do a "something about mary" jobbie n caught me old boy in me zip..............after some swearing n a closer inspection i had 1 of 1 option.............that was to undo the done so with gritted teeth n a steady hand mr wiggly was free.............minor blood blister so that was kinda cool, no blood as such but it did hurt for some time...........................

Anyway, well done Phill, nice job on catching one of them freshwater thingies n also congrats to Si for teaching him how to cast a fly, i had a mission showing him an OTG to start with but happily now he has mastered it!

Top report Phill n sorry i cant make the 9th m8, gutted once again!!!!!!!!
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