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bout time and i think a new pb
i done a little plugging over the years and did manage many moons ago a fish on a home made plug that went 5lb,but i havent done alot for years up until last year when my enthusiasam (spelling )seeing some of you guys getting good results has sparked me back off.
anyways after yesterdays golden grey bash with my nephew on llangennith i thought a bit of me time was on the cards ,so i woke at around 6,30am and lying in the caravan only 15min away from overton thinking shall i stay or shall i go ? what you recon ? i got down to overton armed with a small bottle of squash and two pks of ready salted crisps ,oh and my bits and bobs,the fog was pritty thick and it was clammy as hell,sweaty from the off,getting close to the sea was a problem and walking a mile or so west fishing what gulleys i could get near produced nothing,so decided to go back to where i started, to pick up a lure i lost earlier was a good back to the weir or as some call it sumppers and picked up my chug bug,fancy getting snagged with a popper i do.
anyways the sea had calmed off alot and there was some nice white water out towards the point that screamed at me you cant go yet without trying this,couple of casts and yer boy fish on it took a cristal minnow 4" blue and silver that i had off nathan my son so i was well chuffed.after a touch and go scrap i managed to beach her on the edge of the deep gully then using my burkley fishgrip eased her away from the sea ,yer boy chuffed as ----------wheres my camera ?(nathan only got it in france,hes gone after them big cats and carp) well i thought my scales are in my other bag that i took after them g greys,but i did have a tape and it went 60cm long and if i recall rightly 28cm girth,dont know what that is but i think its beaten my pb of 5lb on a lure,what you recon ? bout time i had one on the lure this year,the fish took my lure static before i could start the retrive .
cant wait to get out there again now and put that bend in my bushwacker again.
tight lines jeff pike (roamer )
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