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…but I am glad I did.

Trying to give my wife a few well deserved hours to herself led to Saturday morning at the beach with my kids, which led to some rockpooling, which led to a big haul of scorpion fish, rockling etc in addition to about a dozen decent sized prawns 🦐🤩

Despite the naff tides I decided this was a sign from the gods that I couldn’t ignore, so after releasing all the fish i carried the prawns back home in the kid’s bucket, hoping that my goddess would approve a short session the next morning… which she did! 😎

My chosen mark was where I caught my first bass almost exactly 2 years ago, again fishing the ebb from high on a neap tide and lively conditions. ✅ ✅ ✅

I arrived a little early to clearly see the float so started blasting a patch 140 around, to no avail. I also scattered the inedible bits of mackerel from yesterday’s lunch to attempt a bit of a ground bait effect 🤷‍♂️.

About 15 min later it was time for Plan A. The biggest prawn was hooked on a size 1 Varivas Chinu and gently cast about 15 yards.

I must have been half asleep because I neglected to take up the slack line from the cross wind, so when my float shot just under 30 seconds later I was ill prepared and missed the bite! 😢

1 down, only 11 🦐 to go. Next one went out and 5 minutes later the float disappeared again, but this time I was alert and hooked up. After a decent scrap I landed a nice 50cm silver bar.

Fish Tail Electric blue Fin Ray-finned fish

Quick measure, photo and release then the next prawn was out. 10 min later bass #2 arrived, this time just 42cm (no photo).

The next action was about 20 min later and was quite an interesting chain of events.

A Razorbill had been working the area and had given me some helpful hints on the channels to target.
On one of it’s parallel runs the Razorbill almost swam into my float/line and suddenly surfaced. Literally a second later, still with “bill” on the surface, my float slowly went under. I thought oh no another bird must be messing with my bait so I ever-so-gently I lifted my rod hoping it would let go. However before I got the rod to 45 degrees something pulled back strongly and immediately started taking line against the drag. It didn’t surface and took more line so my initial confusion quickly turned to excitement as I realised I was into a decent fish. After a couple of minutes of running right then left then right again it surfaced as a big wave pushed it onto the rocks and I was able to scramble to catch my line before it escaped again. To be honest I had expected it to be bigger given the scrap, but I was still very pleased to have a 56cm bass on my hook rather than a razorbill! And Bill stayed for the photo. I am guessing this bass had been opportunistically following the Razorbill hoping to pick off scattering baitfish?
Water Fish Fin Marine biology Landscape

Water Fluid Liquid Wind wave Calm

The fun with this catch didn’t end there though. As I was about to release the bass from the net a massive bull seal 🦭 popped up right in front of me. I’ve nothing against seals, but I wasn’t about to give him an easy feast, so I scrambled 100 yards further down the shore to try the release again. However the clever boy followed me and popped up again waiting expectantly. So I went back to my original spot and a bit further, and this time was successful with a safe release. 👍

Over the next hour I had another two bass, at 53cm and 51cm respectively, punctuated by a couple more missed bites and another visit from a much more timid female seal.

Fin Fish Tail Ray-finned fish Marine biology

Fish Tail Ray-finned fish Fin Marine biology

Now I was down to my last two prawns, which were on the small side so I doubled up. However after putting them on the hook I realised that I needed to move my gear over to the next rock and having emptied my bucket already I rested the hooked prawns in a little rockpool momentarily. Upon returning I lifted my rod to find this very greedy Scorpion fish on the hook with one prawn down it’s gob and the other prawn hanging out mangled & dead. The cheeky bugger.
Finger Natural material Terrestrial plant Wood Thumb

Fortunately due to only having a dozen prawns I had a Plan A.ii…. a solitary small peeler crab found at the back of the freezer. I have only tried peeler once under a float and it had been an instant success. This time it was nearly the same…. within 60 seconds my float shot under, I struck and seemingly was in… then 10 seconds later what felt like a decent fish was off. 🤦‍♂️

Now it was time to head home for my promised return time, but surely I couldn’t end with two bits of bad luck. So I unclipped my float rig and got the lures out again.

Roughly 10 casts later on a steady retrieve of my mishna lure I felt a hit, but no hook up. So I paused and twitched and paused again. This time the predator didn’t miss and I was able to land a nice 50cm silver to round off an excellent morning.

Fin Fish Water Marine biology Seafood

Walking back I totted up that I had 6 bass this morning (plus the scorpion) and this meant that I was now at 50 bass for the year. 🤩 Happy I returned home an thanked my wife for the bonus session this week and thanked the kids for helping to catch the bait. 😊

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Some lovely looking healthy fish there,especially the first pic,great read,a nice bonus session for sure.
Thanks mate. They all were quite chunky and put up a good fight in the swell. Hopefully they will be back next year!

Nice fishing That's how I first learned to catch bass, back in the 1980s, on the intertidal reefa in this neck of the woods.
Cheers. I have found it a good way to learn new locations. I also dabble with lure fishing and light ledgering rod in hand. I enjoy each method and intended to mix it up a lot more this year but my bass catch rate is only 50-60% for these methods vs. ~100% on float/prawn so I keep coming back to it!

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Great session Greg and a top report! 👏
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