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Hi all,

my hatch cover for my Shetland sealark used to be held on with Brighton sash fixings from the inside.

Driving up the A14 it vibrated loose and hatch blew away, well it wasn't there when i got home, was there when i started driving

Thanks to tips from GRP Garry i've moulded a new hatch and very chuffed i am with it, ( learned a whole new hobby there ta gary)

but how to fix the hatch cover to the hatch, I think id like to use fixings other than the Brighton sash given they let me down once

i want to be able to remove the hatch cover fully as i the hatch gets fished out of by my lad so hinges and such like are not going to do it.

I only want it to open from inside, any ideas appreciated
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Gary, here you go, small scale compared to your undertakings but popped my cherry on this piece without significant errors so well pleased, in these pics the plasticine is still on it so its not cleaned hence curves look dirty

here is the mould i made, (after i opened it to remove the piece), the problem i faced was the hatch was curved port to starboard. a local sign maker let me rummage in their skip one lunchtime and i found some metal coated in a skin of some sort of plastic , took it home and tested it an wow the gel coat lifted off without issue so game was on. Making the curve was easy then just shaping up the walls to sit in the curve , which i stuck all together with other high tac strength red tape that was also in the skip. Apart from the Plasticine the mould cost was zero.

followed your instructions 2x gelcoat , 2x 450g, wood then 2x 450g and out it slid

looks strong, oh yes my 110kg can stand on it

The hatch is to sit on a raised lip which is about 30mm high, remnants of the old Brighton sash fixings can be seen

may still gelcoat the inside just for looks

And i need to trim the walls to make them fit the curve of the cabin roof which will make it lower probably half the height it seems here

one catch i did come across is these fanlight catches or cheaper ones like em

next im going to make a instrument splash cover and some shelves, lol

p.s. there is loads of this coated metal at this sign makers, going in the skip each day, big 2400 by 1200 sheets of it, may be worth checking out one near you it bends and holds shapes really well
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