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Idiot Wind - Sunday 18th Nov

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Met up with magnetreel
and off to darkest Dorset for an easy session to catch lots of bass.

Arrived at first venue still dark as we fished the sun came up and a few
other anglers were fishing ledges further on.:fishing1:

The tide was coming in quickly, but there was no wind, the sun shone.:sun:

It was not what we had hoped for should have checked the weather
the wind was 180 deg out.

No sign of baitfish or life untill Magnetreel saved his blank:spiteful:

We decided to move to another mark after a breif visit to the sweet shop.:huh:

Water flat as a pancake and crystal clear just as the first mark.

Waded to the left casting as we went.

Felt a bit chilly around the nicky nacky noos, as we waded nearly
waist deep to get to some rocks.

My temporary repair to the left foot of my waders had failed, had a wet foot.

We clambered round some rocks and met another WSF member

Rod.44 (Great to meet you Rod) We had a good chat, fished
then had another chat before we parted company, but we will meet again.

I had blanked yet again, but still only 7 or 8 blanks to Xmas.:bye2:
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keep going,something will happen to make you forget about your wet foot,lol..
Keep going Manictoo - your day will come.. :)
Was a pleasure to meet you two plugateers, Manictoo and Magnetreel , also your friend precious :secret:

Would have liked to have whipped one out on my home turf today, but was never gonna happen in those conditions:uhuh:

Should have moved on but limited choices today flat calm, bright sun,tide conditions :thumbdown

Didnt tell you i wasnt actually fishing at all, just working on my casting :dry: ha ha might as well have been,

Keep at it you two, im going to and if we get some conditions who knows:fishing1:

And yes, as you say, we will meet again:thumbs:

Heres hoping that next time its for some thing more than a pleasant chat in the sun shine:group:
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