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Fishing off Sussex costs trawler skipper £10,300

A trawler skipper caught fishing illegally less than six miles off Hastings
has been ordered by Brighton magistrates to pay a total of £10,300 in fines and

The prosecution on March 29th was brought by the Sussex Sea Fisheries Committee and the Marine Fisheries Agency (MFA) office at Shoreham, against Karl
George, 43, of Brixham, Devon, captain of the beam trawler, Angus Rose.

For the prosecution, David Buck said a large vessel like the Angus Rose
fishing inside the six mile limit had a damaging impact on the marine environment
and in-shore fish stocks.

The MFA press release on the case is as follows:


Karl George, 43, owner and skipper of the Brixham beam trawler Angus Rose,
was fined a £6,500 with a further £3,800 costs, by Brighton magistrates on
March 29th after pleading guilty to 17 log book offences and fishing inside the
protected six mile limit off Hastings.

In a joint prosecution by the Marine Fisheries Agency and the Sussex Sea
Fisheries Committee, Mr. George, of Orchard Grove, Brixham, was fined £300 for
each log book offence making a total of £5,100. He was fined a further £1,400 for
fishing inside the six mile limit.

If only we had a 6 mile limit across the UK for this type of fishing!!!!

This is more like it!!!

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Fair enough Ron, but the guys knew what they were doing. Remember ignorance is no excuse.
@ £8/kg thats equivalent to 50kg or 8stone (for you old boys lol) of bass.
Surly all the guy is gonna do is work a bit harder to pay the fine off?

Time this stupid and lame system of fines was scrapped and a newer harsher system was introduced. Something like " 3 strikes and you are out!!! " - ending up with the fishing licience being withdrawn.
See how many people would be so keen to cheat the system then :)

good point ,but why give em 3 strikes,surely one is enough ,as other people have said they knew the score

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Trouble is with fish stocks at an all time low a lot of fishing boats are fishing illegally to keep themselves in good profit! this is pure madness because fishing out breeding grounds and nurseries will only make the problem a whole lot worse. These skippers and boat owners that keep breaking the rules need to be taught a proper lesson but unfortunately the authorities either take no notice or just hand out meaningless petty fines that hardly make a dent in the massive incomes that some of these boats make, this countries policies on things like fishery issues and come to think of it most other issues are nothing short of a complete joke :uhuh:
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