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Imax Rods

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anyone have any views on the range of imax rods? or anyone own ones who can pass judgement on them? or can anyone recommend a better rod in that sort of price range (about £150)?
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Have a look at the Penn Sufblaster or PPT range, lighter and slimmer than the Imax rods.

Ryan. :D
Cheers for the advice i'll definitly check them out :D
if you can afford a little more try the greys syntra-its a brilliant rod,nice tip and casts graet
Thanks for the quick replies, the syntra looks very tempting and has a brilliant finish. thanks for all the help! :)
a mate of mine said a mate of his brother's bought one im not sure which one but it snapped on the end second cast.???
If you look around there are Greys Orions to be had for around the £100 mark ;)
:confused: The Imax Rods are excellent pieces of kit , except the 5 stroke 6. All the rods in the range are great fishing rods for the money, will fish/cast just as good as any zziplex, conoflex etc..
There does however seem to be a problem with the 5/6, they keep snapping within the top 3 feet. One of the boys down our way is a field tester for them. Apparantly the've been wrapping the carbon too tight or somin? I've broke 2 and know of at least 4-5 more that have gone! I whitnesed 2 of those!
But However.. I've heard they've got a new model in the pipeline the 5/6 mk2. Apparantly it looks awsome, all new materials and technology. Should be out the end of the year.
Anyway the other rods in the range are fantastic, the 4/6 will do 240yds in the right hands. Use that as a general beach rod. And the 6/7, use on the rough, the boys have been trying to break that one! and failed.
Shame about the 5/6 though that was a fantastic rod cast lovely, got a daiwa 130xm now, waiting for the new 5/6 model though. :)
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it was the 5/6 i was considering so im glad i heard about that before buying anything! thanks for all the replies, gave me a lot to thinkg about! :D
i like the sound of the 5/6mk2 as i liked the overall finish and designs of the imax rods
Have you considered the Daiwa Supercast range. John Holden was full of praise for them in Sea Angler a few months ago. He described them as a thoroughbred among donkeys and imagine he would be a hard man to impress.

They normally retail around the £200 mark but are going for around the £150 to £160 mark.

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