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its flounder season:-) :-)

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My favourate time of year is here.. the humble "flounder" are starting to hit the estuarys in mass after there winter spawning, the early peel of the crab has started and i for one cannot bloody wait to spend all summer targeting this beautifull yet sometimes not respected enough fish.

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Its a fish i simply cannot get enough off, ever since my first fishing trip and my first ever catch which was a flounder ive never looked back. The feeling of hooking a 2lb flounder on a 6ft spinning rod with 6lb line is the best feeling ever!! Guys tell me about how amazing a feeling it is having a screaming reel of a bass on but for me its being on a muddy bank with plain ounce leads and quiver tip rods waiting and watching for the line to tighen then go slack!! Teasing...
So get the floating beads , sequins and beads ready.. flounder season is here .
Tight lines
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That's good to hear.

Hopefully I'll manage to get out myself before next Tuesday, I'll be going to fish the foreshore, I really love that spot.
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