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Jersey & Weymouth Bass Festivals

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Are these the only 2 'artificials only' tournaments in the UK each year?
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Mick organised a Jersey lure only boat comp in July - fledgling year this year but I expect it to be bigger next year!

We need to keep developing to get to where the French are ...
True true - I had a good time with Nelson ... *hoping* to have a rib to bring over next year!
Are you confident or should i say got the Balls to take a boat in where you went with nelson ???? having only been there on three occassions
your self!!!!!:bones: :crazy:
Haha - trust me I will be sticking to you and Mick like glue!

It will take time for more compos to show up - devon / cornwall would be a likely venue?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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