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I was at Borth Saturday morning about to go home after a poor early morning session when the birdlife got going. There must be a lot of whitebait here right now, but still few signs of decent mackerel shoals inshore. Never mind, if they remain then the predators will find them.

Offshore, gannets and shearwaters were in attendance:

That was a couple of nights before. This morning in question there were still some gannets and shearwaters around, but the terns were closer-in and a better subject:

However, was this one a bit off-the-mark?

Or are all those zigzaggy marks in the other rocks where the terns have been biting chunks out of them on the quiet? You tell me!

(I know the answer, and no creatures were harmed in the taking of these images)... apart from some whitebait maybe). These dudes sure know what they're doing! :notworthy

Cheers - John
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