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Kayak and backs

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Considering this kayak lark, apart from the inital expense do have reservations with back joint pain,
So to ask how do u find it on the back. Have an old back injury that plays merry hell sometimes, thanks
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Mathew ,

the best thing you could do is have a look in your Area at a Demo day or A safety course near you that would definatley confirm weather your back is up to it .

1 other rule would be Try before you Buy as it does get expensive if you find that the Kayak doesn't suit you after short period of time , which helps if you find a demo day as there are usually lots of different kayaks to try

there are a lot of people down your end of the country and a polite request to tag along with them or Buddy up with someone will make you feel a lot safer when out on a Kayak .

I suffer with Back pain / sciatica - and have found the More Exercise I do the easier it is , Honestly if I don't do some basic stretching Exercises it hurts like hell . so always try to do as much stretching before I do go out as I fish usually on my own due to my work pattern I don't always get weekends off. If it helps I am 49 and have been Kayak Fishing about5-6 years but have suffered back pains for about 15 yeras from driving a Tugmaster on and off cargo ships on the docks

hope this helps

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I have a damaged spine had another operation early last year, when paddling hard against wind/tide you use your back muscles a lot so be warned, as all ready stated try one out not once but as many times as you can or go and do a one day BCU 1 star course it's great fun and it would be very beneficial to you, they teach you had to carry your kayak and all the paddling strokes.
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Thanku kindly gentlemen ile try a demo day see how it goes, do agree stretching an exercise is the best thing for a bad back btw
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