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Kayak Theft

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On the night of August 11th an Islander Paradise II sit-on-top Kayak lime green & white (kiwi & white is the manufacturers description) was stolen from Brigham near Driffield East Yorkshire.

The Kayak was advertised here for sale by the member known as Gouch.

Also advertised on ebay under the name of huautos i contacted the seller to view, he gave a false mobile number & immediately removed the item from sale.

He photographed the kayak showing the number plate of his white Ford van, i contacted the police who arrived in the early hours just has he was arriving home in the van, the kayak had gone.

Arrested and later released on bail the police need to find this kayak.

The police have his computer & mobile phone anyone who has contacted the seller by phone or email, should contact Police in Beverley or myselfe on 07593830644 to eliminate themselves from the enquiry, anyone handling this kayak may be subject to prosecution if they can not prove it was bought in good faith.

Any help in finding this kayak or any information would be appreciated.

Photos have been posted around Hull were the seller lives & in the press.
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i,d put this into a more general area of the forum.

it could have been sold outside our area.
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