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Keep or Ebay...Mag 25

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Hello I have a mag 25 which I believe is a super casting reel, hence why I bought it.Unfortunately I cannot use it to save my life.Birds nests, 30yds and a burnt thumb just about sum it up.Can anyone give me any tips on using this multiplier or does anyone know of any links that might help me.Many thanks :rolleyes:
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Is the reel new? if so, did it come with the brake blocks fitted? if not fit them and all probs solved.

makes it sound like a bicycle

Do you mean the penn mag 525?
If so this reel can be a bit of a handfull even for a pro if now set up correctly. Firstly you need to have the right oil in the bearings, too thin an oil will make the reel run too fast. I find red rocket fuel works best for me. You need to remove the bearings in the spool and the ones at each end of the spindle, swill them in lighter fluid and relube with a thick oil. If your not sure how to do this there are plenty of websites explaining this, try or There are also books and videos available on the subject, try niel macellows going the distance video. Explains how to tune a penn mag and abu elite and has casting tuition. I believe john holden has a new book available too. try

Also with the mag its important not to use too thin a line. It works best with lines beteen .37 and .40. And don't fill up the spool too much keep the line level wbout 3-4mm below the rim.

One more very important point, keep the mags all the way on 8 for fishing. U can back them off one or two notches if the winds behind you, but best keep them all the way on.
Once you do this you shouldn't have any more problems with the reel. If it is still blowing up perhaps your casting style is at fault. Keep it smooth. All the sites i've given you will say the same thing.

Hope this helps.
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Wow thats quite a reply...thankyou very much.I will take your advice and hopefully I might improve a bit.Taking the reel apart(yes it is a Penn mag 25) seems a bit daunting but I will have a go and get some of that oil you mentioned. I guess one of the problems I have is lack of practice and living in the Midlands lol.As for the previous chaps question, the reel is new and as far as I know everything as it should be.
Thankyou both.One more thing I am just about to buy 1000m of 32lb braid, will this be okay for the reel with regards to the thickness.I also use a couple of Penn fixed spools.I have never used braid before so any tips again would be much appreciated.Did I read somewhere that you put mono backing on before the braid?
Thanks again...all advice is warmly received :)
if you're having birdsnest problems now - just wait tiil you get braid on !!!

unless its just for boat fishing keep the stuff well away from a multi !!!

fine on fs reels an thats it - try using 35lb mono on your penn untill you get used to it and see if you can find a casting instructor
failing that - flog it and buy a slosh - far far easier to control
Don't get rid of it, you'll probably regret you did. Can be a bit of a beast but as you've been told above, don't overload the line, keep the Mags on full and don't even consider braid for casting. As for the burning finger, you can get a thumb guard from most tackle brokers or even make one yourself from an old Marigold glove. You must also make sure you keep the leader knot over to one side (away from your thumb), that's the sod that catches you.
Great article with loads of advice and tips at:
John Holden has a good way of getting things across even to a thicky like me.
PS There are no brake blocks in the Penn SuperMag, just six Mags. The extra two are piggybacked on the two centre Mags. Hope it helps.
Thought it was a SuperMag, sorry. If that's the case the info is still valid including the link but the Mag 525 has four Mags not six. You can put the extra Mags in if you wish and that'll give you more control. Ask at the tackle shop or check out the link to Neil Mackellow above and ask him. Now he really is a Penn expert.
Hi all thanks again for all your help.
Keith I must ask you what is a SLOSH?
Watchout cornwall from me too keith I am down for three weeks in August...aaahhhh...sheer bliss :) :) :)
slosh is a daiwa ... er... sl20sh or sl30sh
superb reels , no magnets - but who needs em - its what yer thumb is for
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