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Just back from a wee weekend away with the Mrs, and promised not to take any fishing rods with me,as long as I could go and chat with fishermen when I found them. We headed to Thornton loch caravan park, and I duly went looking for anglers, The only guys I could find where fishing the outflow at the power station,whipping the water to a foam with white eels and controller floats,taking anything that mistakingly took the lure.
There was two guys lifting a gill net (circled), now I don't know if it was there net,but still it shouldn't have been there.
Cannot something be done about this,can't this outflow be made a no fishing area somehow,by some sort of authority.
On a better note, met up with some guys from the forum, Karl and James,waiting to fish the beach,who gave me some great news about where to dig Rag worm,cheers guys and I'll keep it to myself.:secret:


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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