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Have just come back from fishing Kilmore Quay at the weekend, 19 of us went and had a good trip and plenty to drink

The fishing wasn&#39;t as good as last year but it still fished better than a good day over hear

Species caught
Ballan Wrasse
Cuckoo Wrasse
poor cod

We chartered two boats for the saturday and sunday with two competitions

Most species

Largest fish

Most species was won with seven caught over the two days (Tim Price) taking the trophy and the pool

Largest fish was caught by myself taking the trophy and a new bassing rod(Cod 7lbs)

felt sorry for a fellow member who did not enter the comp as in the last half an hour on the sunday he landed a 8lb pollack which would have taken the trophy off me.

overall a very good trip with the average size of pollack and cod weighing at around 5lbs


<font color='#000000'>I&#39;ll be heading down to Kilmore over the next few months. I know that most of the fishing is done while drifting over the rough ground marks. We&#39;re experienced shore anglers but haven&#39;t done much boat fishing. The last thing we want to do is jig with feathers.

Can you give me some info on where you guys fished? Did the skipper anchor up over the reef because I believe there are chances of sizable ling. Are there sand marks locally? Also, can you recommend a good skipper?

Any info welcomed.


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<font color='#000000'>we drifted over the reefs with red gills and jelly worms which worked well producing pollack and cod caught on most drifts

you can anchor up on some marks which will produce a wide range of fish from Plaice to tope, Ling.

Also there are plenty of shore marks which will produce a wide range of species

the best skipper would be

Eamonn Hayes &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Autumn Dream
Paul Bates &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Lady alison

visit the following web page for all your contacts and shore marks

hope you have a good trip</font>
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