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Kinghorn Area tomorrow

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Hi all,,heading over to kinghorn tomorrow with my mate to see if i can catch my first flattie.:fish: (we will be fish from about 0900am , till we have had enough)

If in the area pop down for a chat and show me how to catch a flattie:fishing:

Bait we will be using will be,,,rag , lug , squid , mack , blueys and kipper,,,.:fish: :fish: :fish: (hopefully)

Put a report up when i get back.


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Good luck mate - i am working otherwise i would have popped down..

Hope you have a good one :thumbs:
Well done mate :clap3:
Its always good to get off the mark. Shame there was no more but sometimes thats the way. You did well with the bait you had though, i always find fresh lugworm is best here, but if you don't have any then mackie is not a bad second choice..
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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