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Had a wee sesssion with the mighty tramadol Ali last night. So headed down about 6.30pm for high tide at a likely looking rock mark. we both launched out a rod each for cod and i chucked out a float for podlies.
Almost right away the float started bobbing and after a while i managed a small podlie. Wee while later and again on the float i caught a wee codling..
Ali had a bite but failed to connect,, I brought my float rod in and while putting it away my main rod whacked over, picked it up and brought in a nice codling around the 2lb mark.
Ali had one on but lost it but a wee while later he managed a braw codling around the pound mark.

Tide flew out quickly so packed in around 10pm.. not a bad night though . Ali had one more bite before we packed up but sadly missed it. Bait was freshly dug lug/clam + frozen razor... findus
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