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Its been a while since i've last been night fishing, barely recalling the last occassion a few months ago some where near the end of spring & a few trips over the summer months for a spot of spinning and thats about it, such is the life of the working Dover Shark :notworthy

With the recent winds in our neck of the woods & Squid Vicious being overly excited with recent reports of whiting showing on mass we thought it best we wet the ol lines again in preparation of the forth coming season...

Some what unorganised today from the previous evenings guiness guzzling frenzy at the deep watering mark known as the local had left us partailly brain dead & incapable of any collective thought of progress for planning.

We had ear marked a HW tide about 11.30pm at a location near kingsdown a simple 2 up 2 down visit was in order after a brief power nap to prolong my battery life and an industrial sized vat of red bull to keep myself mildly more aware of what might happen this evening.

Saber rattling whiting ! mangled snood line ? huge chunks of weed upon the leader knot... Hardle

Whilst these occurence did happen at various stage of the evening its was a mild issue, various sized whiting graced a varity of bait presented in the most delicious ways which happened to be above average size for this time of year :eek:hmy: i can only look foward to more channel size in the coming months.
Squid was suprised with a 1lb pout on the end of his line which gave a pleasent tug of war & myself bagging my first crab of year :)


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