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My first report!

A short high tide session at Kingston Seymour wasn't hugely productive but a reward nonetheless.

Approaching the middle lane pull-in no other cars. Not alot of space so it's a fingers crossed moment!

A clay pigeon shoot just off the back of the sea wall made me and the boy jump but we had a bag of rag, a pack of biscuits and bass in our sights!

We explored a little further up to the Kingston pill inlet, but with a stiff 16mph sw we opted for easier fishing back down the sea wall.

The mud was filling as we got the rods set up and the first cast saw us in the surf.

The flood raced in and the second cast saw us 20 yards from the rocks at the base of the wall.

A biscuit or two in and bang! A huge hit on rod one and we were in.

A short but eventful fight saw the only action for the morning- a bit of drag screaming and a catch up in the weeds and there it was:

A perfect bass. Lovely shine, not a scale out of place, wild eyes and 2.94 lbs


More than makes it worthwhile getting out of bed on a Sunday.
Location: 8/10
Wind: 3/10
Biscuits: Classic oreo, boys choice. ten on ten.
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