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with summer sports (if you count standing about dressed in white clothes and drinking tea as a sport!) taking up my Saturdays, I've decided to try and fish as many Sundays as I can!

With @Carlie_Fpo off with her family, I was going solo and with a previous conversation with @J Richards comming back to my mind I thought I'd try Kingston Seymour !

I must have had a bit too much sun on Saturday as I managed to grab a reel that was definitely in need of a service, I'll come back to that later......

Having never fished the area before I thought I'd get there to get a look at low tide and after having a nice long stroll to work out what's what I headed back to grab my gear from the car.

Upon my return the tide had flooded most of the way in so I set up as quickly as possible and got my 1st line into the water with a simple running ledger and bluey/crab cocktail on, but during the cast I couldn't help but realise I'd grabbed the wrong reel as it made a hideous noise!,

Feeling like a dunce, I decided to leave it out n set up my second rod, and when I had that out fishing I'd swap reels for my backup!

Just as I was baiting up rod number 2 there was a long steady pull on the first rod!

When I went to wind in my reel was solid, nothing was moving!

So in a desperate attempt to hook into what ever was enjoying my bait I ended up running back towards the field and then handlineing in about 80yrds of line!

My efforts were rewarded with my 1st thorny from the Bristol Channel!
10.1lbs !!
After a few pictures and weighing the fish was returned, to the amusement of a passing dog walker, who couldn't understand why I didn't kill and eat it?

After that I had a few taps but nothing came of them,
So with target caught I decided to call it a day, (and use the extra time to service my kit so I don't have to do anymore running)

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Good fish, well done!
Ha, we've all been there! I once played a carp on 15ft of line because that was the only bit that would move up and down the reel.
Got it in the end, accompanied by much whooping and swearing which annoyed the serious carp anglers in their mobile tent homes no end...
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