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With a 13m tide this weekend I decided to visit Kingston this morning!! So arrived at 6.15 armed with mackerel , squid and fresh lug!

Made my way to the tump (sea front turn left) and set up well ahead of the tide.

Noted that someone must have fished there Satuerday night , half empty bag of Dragon baits sandeel and the remains of a rod ring liner - where's the post?

Anyway, fishing lug and macky squid wrap no bites until 1/2hr before high when mackerel & squid rod goes and produces this fella......

Then nothing, despite renewing the lug baits every 20 mins until 20 mins after high when this turns up...

BUT to the macky & squid rod. Finally saw some action on the lug when 40 mins after HT a rattling bite and a reasonable scrap for around 3/4 min and it came off!

so no pictures!!

Good day out and hopefully soon (well maybe 8 weeks) some codling and joining the upper channel 'lord lucans' :nerd::crazy::bones:!! !!


the muskins
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