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I arrived at Knab Rock to fish the evening tide at 17 30 after a long slow journey from Mainwairings Tackle shop.

Fire engines , Rescue , Ambulances , police and the inshore rescue were out in numbers. Someone apparently had walked the incoming tide line and got stuck in some quick sand near VERDIS ,fortunately a 12 hr snorkel tube was not needed but it was a fairly close thing .

Anyway to the report .
I have spent the last couple of evenings making up rig bodies and hook lengths with some of my famous beads and imported hooks on them .

I fished next to several other people using identical baits and double flappers yet I out fished them to their only two whiting by 26 whiting ( stopped counting ) and 23 ( stopped counting ) Lesser Spotted Dogfish.
None of the whiting were over 12 inches and several of the dogfish were close on 30 inches .
My hands are quite sore from handling the dogfish (today ) though at the time I didn't realise that they might get roughed up

Baits used
Home kept three week old king rag ... whiting only
Mackerel strips whiting , LSD and one mouth hooked one clawed hard backed crab

I met some well oiled Northern guys who were interested in fishing ...Were they the invaders we were expecting this weekend ?

They asked me what they could catch here and I told them " Nasty diseases in that club over there " , but fish from where I was fishing ( not sure they were aware of what I said )
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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