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Knap 28/05/2007

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Fished the knap from 14:30 to 19:30, but didnt land a fish. (But caught a crab :) )Baits mackerel, squid, sandeel and the combination of them.
Weather was changing all the time sunshine, rain + cold wind.
Only saw 1 doggie landed.
Still have problems with recognizing the bites in strong wind. Anybody can help with that? Thanks!
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Hi mate,
When the wind is strong make sure your rod is pointing the same way as the wind. Your rod won`t bounce around so much then and you should see bites better. Also, rods with softer, thinner tip sections can be wound down firmer, don`t bounce around and show bites better.
Try the Knap next week as the tides are better, anything but an Easterly wind.
Tight lines,
if you suspect bite but not sure pick up rod and feel for the bite this can help in windy conditions
unlucky there mate, to be honest the only wethaer i avoid for fishing is wind, i always try and go somewhere where the wind won't bother you.
Thanks for help guys!

fiskies> I was thinking about that, the wind could affect the fishing badly, because it is second time i blanked in a northern cold wind.

Tight lines!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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