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as some of you know iv been layed up since November,so a short sesh come back was called for after reading richies reports.
somewhere easy for my first outing,i thought the knap,but I hate them round stones so it was a low water sesh for me.
only had half a box of squid in the freezer along with a few pounds of worm but I didn,t want to potch with sticky worm a spottie ray was my target,so half box of squid was ample enough.putting my rods together looking at the tip of one and I remembered I broke the tip eye,and as I was going to be layed up for months I was suppose to replace when I had the time but oviously I forgot.right one rod it was then,first cast whole squid ,sat on my box and off I went to noddy land,that hour bu--erd me up.
I wound in to find the first fish of the year for me a small ray,second cast ,wond a codling around a pound ,third cast I strapped a bloody big hermit to a whole squid thinking its this cast that's going to get me my spottie ,but no nothing on that a last cast before the water reached them round stones and in came a doggie to finish,4 casts 3 fish and the only cast I thought would bring a tidy fish well came back untouched.
no stopping me now.
tight lines roamer.

Team Loonz
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Good effort Jeff....nice to see you back in the game.Your spotty will come keep at it.
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